Self-guided tour

Discovering the world by bike doesn’t have to be just a dream anymore! Phones on silence, work put aside for a moment, the benefits of a bike tour to your physical and mental health are endless! This tour can be taken solo or in the company of family and friends.

Upon departure, we will deliver maps,  a navigation system with gpx and a road-book ensuring a true explorer/adventurer experience!
Yet you will never feel abandoned or alone as LINKTOURSBike will be available if you need assistance. We are a phone call away if needed.You don’t need to worry about getting lost again!

If you want a day off from cycling… no worries… we will take care of getting you to your next destination!


Group Tour

Our group tours are designed for those of you who wish to travel with like-minded people.

Our guides will accompany you on our tried and tested itineraries allowing you to discover even the most hidden of corners. Stop offs for food will see you tasting local delicacies.

This tour will ensure complete relaxation allowing you to unwind without having to think about the next step, leaving you to admire the views along your way!